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Tax Evasion

Legally, anyone that avoids paying taxes is guilty of tax evasion. Sometimes, taxpayers that make simple errors on their tax returns can be held liable for penalties, however, the IRS usually chooses to go after those that repeatedly fail to pay their fair share of taxes.

Indian Casino Gambling Law

Indian reservations have less restrictive laws when it comes to the sale of tobacco as well as gambling, however, the National Indian Gaming Commission needs to make sure that reservation casinos are in compliance with federal laws. With more and more Indian run casinos opening each year, it is important to know how your wagers will fair.

False Advertising Lawsuits

Companies that make false claims harm their consumers as much as their reputations. In order to avoid becoming a victim you should always do a comprehensive search on the history of any companies that make particularly bold claims.

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Choosing the Best Family Law Solicitor

When choosing a family law solicitor it is important that you get someone who can best meet your unique needs. There may be many reasons why you need someone versed in family law and choosing someone with experience is vital. A legal firm that specializes in family law issues will be much more apt to provide you with the proper legal advice than someone without experience in this field. Many solicitors carry dual specialties and it is important that you check their expertise to see if they qualify to fit your needs.

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